Limitless Living Journal

Item #: MTY1010

From Myleik: I think I was still in college when I was introduced to the exercises that help promote limitless living. I had no idea I was living inside these imaginary lines and boundaries that had been traced by society, perhaps? Or was it my upbringing? I suppose it was a combination of many things. Either way, I made friends with someone who encouraged me to go literally STAND in all of the places I'd never imagined myself in or believed that I belonged. I walked into five-star hotels and stood in the lobby, eventually making my way over to the bar for a drink. I scheduled appointments to look at office space well before I even owned a business. Little by little I began to erase the imaginary limits that had been placed on my life."  

My 2018 will be WILD and minus some of those limits I had placed on myself.

  • Size 6"x9"
  • Journaling tips + 150 lined sheets
  • Printed with vegetable based ink on 100% post-consumer recycled paper


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Total: $20.00
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Limitless Living Journal